Integral Hatha Yoga

Integral Hatha Yoga specific design is taken and inspired from our natural movement. Nature itself is the template from which all the asansa `(Yoga Poses) and excises sequences are drawn from. Marita is a Yogi who brings her lifelong experience and knowledge of the fluidity and progression of dance and the importance of breathing (Pranayama) to her teaching of Yoga.

Integral Hatha Yoga is a practice with the aim to develop every aspect of our being. Meditation Dance school's core principal is that in the centre of every thing there is life "we are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself". (Gibran Kahlil)

Yoga means 'Unity', and Integral Hatha Yoga's core aim is to develop awareness of our bodies, our lives, each other and the world we live in. It is to bring integration of all parts of our selves to our every moment in order to unite in the 'entirety' that includes our very being. This wakefulness is what helps us to reach our full potential in life.

Marita offers regular Integral Hatha Yoga courses and classes in central London, and holds retreats in Spain, Italy, Devon and Cornwall. All classes and events are suitable for complete beginners to those with a strong, regular long-term practice.