Meditation Dance

Our regular classes are suitable for beginners, professional level dancers and people of all ages and dance abilitiy.

When practicing Meditation Dance regularly you will feel relaxed, full of vitality and look beautiful, as really good health is synonymous with happiness and together, they reflect energy and beauty.

Dance is to experience the refinement of giving life's expression artistic form. When dance is experienced, valued and accepted as an everyday vital necessity for health and well being, we can all, as individuals and communities, experience it's benefits.

As well as regular classes, we offer day and weekend workshops. These events are held in London, as well as some of the most natural and unspoiled places in the UK and Europe.

Specialist classes and courses.

Pre Natal Meditation Dance

Pre Natal Meditation Dance is a natural means of getting in tune with your body, so that you can trust your own innate knowledge and instinctive ability to give birth. Through gentle dance exercises, relaxation, birth preparation and information, Meditation Dance builds confidence and teaches practical skills to relax and cope with labour, birth and parenting. Birth can once again become the deeply joyful experience that impacts positively on all our lives. When expecting a new baby, there is so much to think about and so many books on childbirth and child rearing available to us, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and confused. As every pregnancy, birth and experience of parenting is unique, how can we tell what is important and useful to us as individuals? Meditation Dance School for expectant mothers and couples, is a dance system specifically designed to help us achieve the best care for our selves, from conception to birth and to then carry on this skill to our parenting. Meditation Dance School prepares us to enter fully into the most important experience a human being will ever have - our parent hood. It teaches us how to take time for our selves and get what it is we need and to do the best we can for our mental and physical health, happiness and the well being of our families and communities. Come and spend some time just for you and if it is appropriate for you, your birth partner. Join us in an energising experience of dance, music and relaxation and gain insight in to how to create the joyful and healthy pregnancy and birth experience you wish for.

Baby Meditation Dance

Meditation Dance School provides children and their parents/carers with a place where they can come and be together, relax, learn and have lots of fun. Most importantly, Meditation Dance reveals some very simple and surprising aspects of bringing up children that make it easier and even more joyful. Come and meet others who take care of themselves, their children, families and our environment in this special and effective way. Join us in warm and beautiful space, and feel the pleasure of relaxing and dancing with your baby mindfully, with clam and smiles.

Children's Meditation Dance School

Class 1, 5 - 7 yr olds
Meditation Dance is a highly developed dance system designed specifically for children of all ages. In this class, five to seven year olds can come and be listened to, relax, feel accepted and valued, and have lots of fun. Our dance classes provide children with a place they can be themselves and learn to relate positively toward each other and their environment. Meditation Dance sets in motion the natural enthusiasm and imagination of both girls and boys in healthy and happy ways, by setting them free to dance their special dance.

Class 2, 8 - 12 yr olds
Here young people can also come and be listened to, relax, feel accepted and valued, and have lots of fun. Meditation Dance School's approach stimulates enthusiasm and imagination, motivating both girls and boys of all ages to achieve excellent results by increasing confidence, communication abilities and creative life skills. Meditation Dance School encorages confidence in young people to realise their full potential.

Youth Company 13 - 16 year olds

The Meditation Dance School Youth Company utilises a highly developed dance system, designed specifically for young people with busy lives. The company offers all who join a place where they can come and relax, feel accepted, be listened to and valued as important individuals. Every third term the members of the company are invited to join our dance ensemble and attend a weekly (12 week) workshop where together they will focus on creating a finished piece to perform. Having fun and laughter is encouraged.

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