Welcome to Meditation Massage Therapy

Meditation Massage Therapy offers you the opportunity to connect deeply with your inner calm and peacefulness. Rather than being a passive, almost sleeping 'client', during the massage you become a participant who is aware, deeply relaxed, and taking part in a totally peaceful meditation practice.

Our holistic massage treatments are specific to your individual needs, and recognise that injury, illness, and stress affects not only our physical but also our emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. The various massages allow our natural healing abilities to develop.

From the very beginning of our lives we have known peace, joy and pleasure through our bodies. Our innate ability to know what is right and healthy for us, is revealed through the synergy of meditation and massage.

This beautiful practice awakens us to the possibility of a deeper and more meaningful connection with our bodies and our lives. Both Meditation and Massage use a blending of knowledge and intuition. Combined, they have increased healing therapeutic effects and a significantly positive effect on the overall quality of life.

Benefits of Meditation Massage Therapy

Boosts the immune system
Relieves pain and aids symptom relief
Increases lymphatic drainage
Eliminates toxins from the body
Improves Circulation & Blood Pressure
Improves flexibility & Posture
Improves muscle relaxation & mobility
Speeds healing after injury
Reduces anxiety
Relieves Stress and encourages relaxation

Treatment Procedure

A detailed consultation is conducted prior to all the Meditation Massage treatments offered. All Meditation Massages begin with a Hatha Yoga practice and Pranayama, a simple and mindful Yogic breathing technique. By breathing and moving in this natural way we cultivate a space where meditation and relaxation can arise. Pranayama and mindfulness meditation is incorporated through out the massage. Once you are relaxed in this special way, your chosen massage will begin.

List of Treatments

1 Hour full body holistic Massage
1 Hour Reiki
1 Hour Foot and Hand Massage
1 Hour Indian Head Massage
1 Hour Herbal Heat Massage
1 Warm Pebble Massage
1 Hour Pregnancy Holistic Massage
45 mins Children's Massage, with their adult (Newborns and up to 10 years old)
1 Hour Acupressure Chair Massage
2 Hour full body Meditation Massage Ritual
2 Hour Yoga Meditation Massage

The Studio

Treatments are given in London and Cornwall, and are also offered at my Meditation Dance School retreats. The meditation massage studio has a wonderfully relaxing ambiance with a peaceful feeling of harmony. It is scented with natural aromatherapy oils to help you relax and be present during your time with me. I take care to ensure that the lighting and temperature are adjusted to be as near to natural as possible. The massage couch is heated and can be regulated according to the participant's needs.

For any further information, please get in touch